Association for Psychological Science

The Association for Psychological Science, (APS) formerly known as American Psychological Society is a professional association formed to advance the study, research and advancement of the study of psychological sciences. APS was founded in 1988 and today has 20,000 members including academics, psychologists, researchers and teachers. APS publishes the journal Psychological Science and other psychological science related journals. APS has on-line resources and features periodic podcasts on popular psychology subjects.

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Psychology & Psychiatry

Caution: Content warnings do not reduce stress, study shows

Advocates for the use of trigger warnings suggest that they can help people avoid or emotionally prepare for encountering content related to a past trauma. But trigger warnings may not fulfill either of these functions, according ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

People generalize expectations of pain to conceptually related tasks

Chronic pain can seriously restrict our lives, preventing us from reaching our full professional potential, enjoying hobbies, and even participating in meaningful life events with friends and family out of fear that certain ...

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