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John Hopkins University (JHU or Hopkins) was founded in 1876 as a private research university. Today Hopkins has campuses in Maryland, Washington D.C., Italy and China. The school of medicine, public health, music and international studies are noted as exemplary among their peers. Hopkins was the first American university to adopt the German model developed by von Humboldt and Schleiermacher emphasizing research through seminars and labs. Hopkins is rated as number 1 in research and development by the National Science foundation. Hopkins publishes Art & Science Magazine, The Gazette, John Hopkins Magazine, Hopkins Medical News, Nursing Magazine, Peabody Magazine and maintains the John Hopkins University Web site. Press inquiries are welcome.

901 South Bond Street, Suite 540 Baltimore, MD 21231

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Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

The pandemic has reached a plateau, but for how long?

The U.S. appears to have reached a plateau with the omicron subvariant that's surged this spring, but it's too early to know if positive trends will stick, according to Tom Inglesby, who recently returned to his role directing ...


Antibodies point researchers toward broad coronavirus vaccines

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University and Scripps Research have characterized 30 antibodies that recognize a wide range of coronaviruses—successfully blocking not only all the SARS-CoV-2 variants that were tested but also ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

US officially surpasses 1 million COVID-19 deaths

The United States has officially surpassed 1 million reported COVID-19 deaths, according to data from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Medical research

Study reveals that kidney cells don't filter blood, they pump it

Human kidneys are an intricate network of tubes that process roughly 190 quarts of blood every day. Lining these tubes are epithelial cells that transport blood through the kidneys and circulate it back into the body. How ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Blind people remember language better than sighted people do

Blind people can remember speech better than sighted people, but a person's ability to see makes no difference in how they remember sound effects, found a new study by Johns Hopkins University and the University of California, ...

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