Massey University

Massey University was established in 1927 as a public university in New Zealand. Today, Massey University has three campuses, Manawatu, Albany, and Wellington with satellite facilities throughout New Zealand and a distance learning component. Massey University's student body consists of 37,000 undergraduate and graduate students with a strong emphasis in agriculture, aviation, science and veterinary medicine. Massey also has New Zealand's largest business college.

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Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Which sports drinks are best for hydration?

Hypotonic drinks ingested during exercise hydrate better than isotonic, hypertonic, and water-based sports drinks, according to new research led by a team from Massey University.

Psychology & Psychiatry

New research finds virtual reality could help treat anxiety

Virtual reality (VR) has been found to be an effective treatment method for anxiety, according to a new study, led by Computer Science Senior Lecturer Dr. Nilufar Baghaei and co-authored by Ph.D. student Vibhav Chitale.


Can damaged hearts heal themselves?

New research has found measuring a protein that forms to create new blood vessels after a heart attack or unstable angina, and determining the protein's genetics, could potentially help to predict long-term survival, specifically ...


Benefit of injury prevention measures in Maori households

A Massey University study, in collaboration with He Kainga Oranga, the Housing and Health Research Programme at University of Otago, shows relatively low-cost modifications in homes can prevent 31 percent of fall injuries.

Psychology & Psychiatry

The loot box problem

Individuals with gambling problems and excessive gamers spend more on loot boxes than their peers, new research published in International Gambling Studies confirms.

Gerontology & Geriatrics

Older people living alone at high risk of malnutrition

New research from Massey University highlights more than a third (37 percent) of older people who live in the community are at risk of malnutrition. Those at risk were likely to experience more social and emotional loneliness ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

The common women's health problem we don't talk about

As a sociologist and feminist researcher, Dr. Alice Beban is interested in the everyday inequalities in women's lives and has found that issues affecting women have often been silenced, trivialized or ignored—something ...

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