Monash Institute of Medical Research

The Monash Institute of Medical Research, or MIMR, is a research institute in Melbourne, Australia consisting of 400 scientists and students belonging to the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University. It occupies two buildings on the Clayton campus at Monash Medical Centre and has close interactions with the hospital, Southern Health, Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research , Monash Health Research Precinct and MIIN . From the website: "The Monash Institute of Medical Research pioneers research into the characterisation and application of stem cells, the cause and treatment of inflammation and cancer, and the improvement of women's, men's and children's health. Its outstanding reputation has been built on ground-breaking advances in assisted human reproduction, the reduction of SIDS, advances in stem cell research and the treatment of arthritis. Close collaboration with the resources of Monash University and the Monash Health Research Precinct enables MIMR to increase the impact of its research by translation from 'bench to bedside' and by the commercialisation of its activities. " MIMR has a number of core facilities available for external use.


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