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Visualisation in network psychometrics is effective

How do you map out psychological phenomena in a way that makes their relationships and interactions clear? Sacha Epskamp conducted research in this area known as 'network psychometrics', which explains various forms of psychological ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Object that appears to be bigger 'feels' less heavy

The 'Müller-Lyer illusion' is not a phenomenon that sounds familiar to many people. However, most of us have seen the image of two arrow-like lines, one with normal arrowheads at each end and the second with inverted arrows ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Motivation as a source of energy against mental fatigue

During periods of mental fatigue, motivation can play a large role in enabling you to carry out your task for a longer period of time. If your 'battery' runs on empty, then a good dose of motivation can provide enough fuel ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Salacious alibi more credible if you lie about it at first

If you are suspected of a crime, you might be better off if you lie about an alibi in the first place and subsequently admit that you were in the company of an adulterous lover: it is even more credible than if you state ...


Bearing the costs of illness

Although there is evidence that households are able to foresee health expenses to some degree, there is little or no evidence that these expectations have an effect on the actual take up of health insurance. When people have ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Tackling negative body image among women by emphasising functionality

Women who nurse negative thoughts about their appearance think that people look at them just as disapprovingly. Such a negative body image can lead to a wide range of complaints, from depression to eating disorders and obesity. ...

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