Particle launched in 2017 as a science media brand that delivers creative, engaging, digital content designed to bring science to a digitally connected audience. Particle is produced in-house by Scitech and supported by the Western Australian Government through the Office of Science.


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Biomedical technology

Fighting bacterial infections FASTer

A cutting-edge test developed by West Australian scientists could be a game changer for the fight against superbugs.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

The tiny killer in your gut

The world's smallest arms race could be happening right now in your gut.

Psychology & Psychiatry

The perils of perfectionism

WA researchers aim to help teen girls feel better in their bodies with an online program targeting perfectionism, which has been linked to depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

Medical research

How a burn could change your blood

UWA scientists have discovered a surprising and significant link between burn injuries and heart disease.

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