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Autism spectrum disorders

Testosterone levels linked to higher autistic traits

Local researchers say foetus' exposure to high levels of testosterone in utero might explain increased autistic-like traits, according to Baron-Cohen's Extreme Male Brain theory (EMB).

Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Walking down stairs could help prevent dementia

We're pretty familiar with the notion that exercise is good for our health. But new WA research suggests that something as simple as encouraging the elderly to walk down a flight of stairs could help prevent cognitive decline, ...

Autism spectrum disorders

3-D face scans may pinpoint autism earlier than normal

Telethon Kids Institute researchers are hoping 3-D face scanning technology will help detect autism in children as young as one year old, which is at least one year earlier than current practices allow for.


Insulin microcapsule may replace needle jab

West Australian diabetics who need to inject insulin to maintain their lifestyle may soon be free of the regular needle jab—and the constant annoying questions that go with it.


Vitamin D levels examined for long-term health effects

A West Australian study has recorded the vitamin D levels of local children, along with the genes involved in its production, setting the foundation for future research into vitamin D effects on a person's health from childhood ...

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