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Exoskeletons have a problem: They can strain the brain

Exoskeletons—wearable devices used by workers on assembly lines or in warehouses to alleviate stress on their lower backs—may compete with valuable resources in the brain while people work, canceling out the physical ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Blocking how the malaria parasite suppresses the immune response

The parasites that cause severe malaria are well-known for the sinister ways they infect humans, but new research may lead to drugs that could block one of their most reliable weapons: interference with the immune response.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Horror films as a reimagined space for healing

If you've watched a slasher movie, you've probably been exposed to the final girl trope—a closing scene of a white, suburban teenage girl who triumphed over a threatening monster and lived to tell the tale.

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