University of Technology, Sydney


Cereal's colour trumps health star rating

Parents are interested in star ratings indicating the nutritional value of cereals but it's the colour in the breakfast bowl that has final sway, a study by researchers at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has found.

Inflammatory disorders

Bitter taste receptors hold key to treating asthma

One in nine Australians, among more than 300 million people worldwide, suffer from asthma. They experience a wide range of debilitating, even life-threatening respiratory symptoms from a disease that can be controlled but ...


Mothers who vape during pregnancy put babies at asthma risk

A UTS-led study of the effects of smoking electronic cigarettes during pregnancy has been hailed by the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) in its stand against legalising nicotine in e-cigarettes.


Illness that's as lethal as heart attack but often missed

Almost everyone has a delirium story, although they don't always know it's called that. Most will recall the experience of a grandmother, a father, a child, a friend who became very confused in hospital, and in some cases ...

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