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Psychology & Psychiatry

Study explores impacts of social distancing on youth

After weeks of staying at home, Canadians are slowly beginning to see the impact of physical distancing on decelerating the spread of COVID-19. However, for some, prolonged social isolation amplifies feelings of disconnection ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Boredom takes toll mentally and physically, study finds

Boredom comes and goes for us all—especially as we have isolated ourselves from one another for weeks now. But for those facing homelessness, profound boredom has been a way of life that can lead to poor mental health, ...

Medical research

Study explores med student mental-health peer support

A group of Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry students are emphasizing the value of peer support in promoting mental health and wellness among their ranks with an initiative they hope will change the way medical students ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study finds consensual nonmonogamy a 'healthy' option

Consensual nonmonogamy within a relationship showed only positive outcomes on life satisfaction and relationship quality for the primary partners in a romantically involved couple—leading researchers to believe it to be ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study: Bilingualism does not make you 'smarter'

Despite numerous social, employment, and lifestyle benefits, speaking more than one language does not improve your general mental ability, according to a new study by Western's Brain and Mind Institute.


Pandemic offers real-time case study for students

Each day, Yun (Cherry) Lee watches as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. As one of Schulich Medicine & Dentistry's 63 Master of Public Health students, she is paying close attention to how the country is managing the crisis.


Study links concussions to loss of inhibition

Consistent signs of compromised inhibition found in a study of concussion sufferers were mirrored in separate tests on Canadian university football players. These findings open new doors to predicting the impact of the often ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Researchers eye value of universal COVID-19 testing

Universal testing for COVID-19 may not be the best way to keep people safe, despite growing calls for ramped up screening. In fact, testing everyone—instead of continuing to test presumptive-positive and high-risk people—could ...

Medical research

'Cough chamber' shows six feet not far enough

A recent Western-led study says two meters might not be far enough away if someone lets an uncovered cough loose in your direction—meaning sneeze and cough etiquette is more than a simple social nicety, but a key to stopping ...

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