Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech, (VT) was established as a land grant university in 1872, located in Blackburn, Virginia. VT offers 80 bachelor degree programs, 140 master's degree programs and doctoral degree programs in eight colleges. The student body is over 30,700 students. Notable departments include, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The School of Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering are rated highly by ranking panels. VT is in the process of opening graduate degree programs in the Middle East and Africa. Currently, VT operates in the Dominican Republic and Switzerland.

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Medical research

Cholesterol's effects on cellular membranes

For more than a decade, scientists have accepted that cholesterol—a key component of cell membranes—did not uniformly affect membranes of different types. But a new study led by Assistant Professor Rana Ashkar of the ...


Molecular cause underlying rare genetic disorder revealed

Virginia Tech scientists have revealed how a nonfunctioning version of an ordinary gene impairs brain structure and function. The findings help explain a genetic form of microcephaly—a condition where babies' heads are ...

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