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Oncology & Cancer

Cancer blood test trialed to prevent unnecessary chemo

Cancer patients could be spared unnecessary chemotherapy—and its side effects—by a new blood test that is in clinical trials at more than 40 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand.

Oncology & Cancer

New clues about how our body guards against cancer

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers have uncovered a key factor protecting against age-related DNA damage, providing important clues about how our body guards against cancer.

Oncology & Cancer

Discovery paves way for improved ovarian cancer care

Australian scientists have revealed a better way to identify which patients should respond to powerful ovarian cancer drugs called PARP inhibitors (PARPi), resolving an important question in ovarian cancer care about why ...

Oncology & Cancer

Key cancer-fighting gene's secret weapons revealed

The findings revealed that a special group of genes that function within the body's normal DNA repair process were vital to the effectiveness of p53. This new information could help doctors to better identify patients with ...

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