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Radiology & Imaging

Study: ChatGPT extracts data for ischemic stroke almost perfectly, is useful for thrombectomy data transfer

In an ischemic stroke, an artery in the brain is blocked by blood clots and the brain cells can no longer be supplied with blood as a result. Doctors must therefore act quickly and unblock the artery with the help of catheters. ...

Radiology & Imaging

GPT-4 matches radiologists in detecting errors in radiology reports

Large language model GPT-4 matched the performance of radiologists in detecting errors in radiology reports, according to research published in Radiology.

Oncology & Cancer

AI software could advance voice box cancer treatment

Artificial intelligence has been found to improve the outcome of patients with voice box cancer, which is a step closer to personalized treatment, new research has revealed.

Radiology & Imaging

New AI method captures uncertainty in medical images

In biomedicine, segmentation involves annotating pixels from an important structure in a medical image, like an organ or cell. Artificial intelligence models can help clinicians by highlighting pixels that may show signs ...


Novel CT exam reduces need for invasive artery treatment

A new study shows that a non-invasive imaging test can help identify patients with coronary artery blockage or narrowing who need a revascularization procedure. The findings were published as a Special Report in Radiology: ...

Oncology & Cancer

Researchers review use of MRI to identify brain cancer biomarkers

Researchers from the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences (BMEIS) have published a systematic review in Neuro-Oncology Advances exploring the use of MRI imaging techniques to identify non-invasive biomarkers ...

Radiology & Imaging

AI-assisted breast-cancer screening may reduce unnecessary testing

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to supplement radiologists' evaluations of mammograms may improve breast-cancer screening by reducing false positives without missing cases of cancer, according to a study by researchers ...

Oncology & Cancer

Integration of MRI screening beneficial for prostate cancer

Integrating magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) into prostate cancer (PCa) screening is associated with a reduction in unnecessary biopsies and overdiagnosis of insignificant disease, according to a review published online April ...

Radiology & Imaging

Exploring ferumoxytol: A new frontier in MRI contrast agents

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a cornerstone in the landscape of medical diagnostics, celebrated for its non-ionizing and non-invasive nature. With nearly 40% of MRI procedures requiring contrast agents for optimal sensitivity, ...

Oncology & Cancer

New treatment option for prostate cancer shows successful outcomes

A minimally-invasive treatment using MRI and transurethral ultrasound instead of surgery or radiation is effective in treating prostate cancer, according to new research to be presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology ...