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What may be behind the unexplained cases of hepatitis in kids?

Several countries, including the U.S., have identified or are investigating unexplained hepatitis cases in children. While the reported cases are appearing in clusters, they remain rare. About 200 children are affected worldwide.


Six tips to help a friend with food allergies

Food allergies are a serious and life-threatening condition that is estimated to affect 4-8% of children and 6-8% of adults in the United States. It occurs when one's immune system reacts to an ingested food. Reactions can ...

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Mystery liver disease kills three children in Indonesia

Three children in Indonesia have died from a mysterious liver disease, the country's health ministry said, raising to at least four the global death toll of a fatal ailment puzzling doctors from the US to Asia.

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Researchers discover pathways to severe COVID-19 in children

Researchers have discovered the blood clotting and immune protein pathways that are activated in severe cases of COVID-19 in children, paving the way for earlier diagnosis and more targeted treatments.

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AI may detect earliest signs of pancreatic cancer

An artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by Cedars-Sinai investigators accurately predicted who would develop pancreatic cancer based on what their CT scan images looked like years prior to being diagnosed with the ...

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UK: More links between common virus, hepatitis in children

British health officials investigating the cause of a spike in acute hepatitis, or liver inflammation, among children said there is increasing evidence that it is linked to a common virus.

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What we know about mystery hepatitis strain in children

An unknown, severe strain of hepatitis has been identified in nearly 170 children across 11 countries in recent weeks, with at least one child dying of the mysterious disease, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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