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Having severe acne may increase suicide risk

Individuals who suffer from severe acne are at an increased risk of attempting suicide, according to a paper published in the British Medical Journal today.

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New computer algorithm discovers drug side effects, interactions

A week ago, you started a new prescription medication for acne. Today, you feel dizzy and short of breath and have difficulty concentrating. Your symptoms are not listed in the package insert as possible side effects of the ...

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When you need to see a dermatologist

(HealthDay)—You might think of seeing a skin specialist for cosmetic procedures, to freshen skin or to get rid of lines. But do you recognize the signs of problems that need the attention of a skin doctor?

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Misconceptions about acne still common

(HealthDay)—There are still plenty of negative and mistaken beliefs about people with acne, a new study finds.

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How to take action against acne

(HealthDay)—Waiting for acne to clear up on its own can be frustrating, especially for teens who are already self-conscious about their appearance.


Teens with acne twice as likely to contemplate suicide

Teenage girls with severe acne are twice as likely to think about committing suicide, and boys three times as likely, compared with counterparts with clear skin, a study published on Thursday says.

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