Psychology & Psychiatry

Effects of stress on adolescent brain's 'triple network'

Stress and trauma during adolescence can lead to long-term health consequences such as psychiatric disorders, which may arise from neurodevelopmental effects on brain circuitry. A new study in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

7 tips to help your child cope with witnessing tragedy

When children witness tragedies, from acts of violence to the sudden loss of a loved one, to images of a war zone like Ukraine, they often turn to their families for support and reassurance. We asked UC Davis child psychologist ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Acute stress leads to dynamic changes in the brain

Did math problems make you stressed at school? That's what happened to participants in a study of the brain's reaction to stress. For the first time, researchers looked at the entire duration of such a situation. They found ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How the dark shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic is changing our brains

The threat of COVID-19 has been looming over our lives for a year and a half. We've had to question whether seemingly mundane behaviors might lead to someone's death. Or if we or someone we love might get severely sick. Our ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

How families of critically ill fared during COVID-19

Having a loved one in the intensive care unit is difficult at any time. But the COVID-19 pandemic created additional burdens on families, from visitor restrictions to the uncertainties of a new contagious virus.

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