Screen time can seriously harm your eyes: Here's how to avoid it

Every day, more and more patients are seeking medical attention after spending long days in front of computer screens. The most common symptoms include irritated or itchy eyes, and a sensation of dryness or sand on the surface ...


Q&A: Experts discuss the hidden health risks of wildfire smoke

Wildfires are bigger, more severe and more common today in the western United States than at any time in the last four decades, with Maui, Hawaii's devastating blaze being just the latest tragic example. In California, nearly ...


Are your allergies ready to head off to college?

As you stare down your freshman year of college and contemplate living away from home, you're probably facing a few "firsts": First roommate who isn't a sibling; first time fending for yourself to make sure you're eating ...


Deadly heat waves threaten older people as summer nears

Paramedics summoned to an Arizona retirement community last summer found an 80-year-old woman slumped inside her mobile home, enveloped in the suffocating 99-degree (37 C) heat she suffered for days after her air conditioner ...

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Hearing specialist offers tips to turn down tinnitus

Not a week goes by when I don't see someone in my clinic complaining of a strange and constant phantom sound in one of their ears, or in both ears. The noise is loud, distracting and scary—and it doesn't go away.

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