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WHO eyes malaria eradication in 25 countries by 2025

A growing number of countries are stamping out malaria, the World Health Organization said Wednesday, as it launched an initiative to help eradicate the deadly disease in 25 more countries by 2025.

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650,000 African children given malaria jab: WHO

Two years into a malaria vaccine pilot scheme, more than 650,000 children have been immunized across Kenya, Ghana and Malawi, the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

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Use COVID-19 lessons to battle deadly superbugs: WHO

Lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic should be used to fight the spread of drug-resistant bacteria, which kill tens of thousands of people each year, the World Health Organization said Thursday.

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Globally, U.S. ranks near bottom in COVID-19 response

Vermont, Alaska, and Maine were the three most effective states in responding to the coronavirus pandemic last year, a new analysis by UC Berkeley's Othering & Belonging Institute has found.

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Happiness Report: World shows resilience in face of COVID-19

The coronavirus brought a year of fear and anxiety, loneliness and lockdown, and illness and death, but an annual report on happiness around the world released Friday suggests the pandemic has not crushed people's spirits.

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UK sees COVID 'light ahead' as Liverpool gets city-wide tests

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday promised "light ahead" for weary Britons ahead of a second coronavirus lockdown, pinning his hopes partly on the UK's first city-wide testing plan in Liverpool.


Drug deaths in England and Wales rise for eighth consecutive year

Coronavirus is a public health crisis for all of society, but for the past decade, people who use drugs—especially those dependent on opioids—have been facing their own epidemic. In its annual report on drug poisoning ...

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