Commonly prescribed medication linked to stroke

Medication routinely prescribed for common complaints including allergies, heart disease and Parkinson's has been linked to an increased risk of stroke according to new research from the University of Aberdeen.


Medications can increase risk of heat-related illness

(HealthDay)—Commonly used medications may increase the risk of dehydration and heat-related illness during hot weather, according to an article published online June 13 in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics.


Anticholinergic drugs linked to risk for pneumonia in elderly

Taking commonly used medications with anticholinergic effects is associated with a significantly higher risk for developing pneumonia in a study of more than 3,000 older Group Health patients living in the community—not ...

Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Higher dementia risk linked to more use of common drugs

A large study links a significantly increased risk for developing dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, to taking commonly used medications with anticholinergic effects at higher doses or for a longer time. Many older ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Reassurance for dementia sufferers on impact of common drugs

Researchers whose findings on the detrimental impact of some common medicines on elderly people were widely reported earlier in the summer have found that taking a few of these medicines does not appear to cause further cognitive ...

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