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Merkel urges errant German states to stick to virus plan

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday pleaded with Germany's 16 federal states to stop straying from agreed pandemic measures, with her CDU party's ratings plummeting as the country stumbles in its virus response.

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AI helps to identify new COVID-19 hotspots in Gauteng

Accurate modeling is one of the tools being used to fight the COVID-19 pandemic globally. It is essential for policy makers, experts and the population to get access to reliable information on the evolution and severity of ...

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COVID-19 control measures shorten hospital stays for moms, babies

New infection prevention practices implemented during the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in significantly shorter hospital stays for mothers and their babies, according to investigators at Cedars-Sinai, with no changes ...


Majority of physicians report serious concerns about COVID-19

According to a national survey conducted by Harvard Medical School, the RAND Corporation, and Doximity, practicing physicians currently report substantial concerns about supplies, the government response, and availability ...

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