Neuroscience doesn't undermine free will after all

For decades, researchers have debated whether the buildup of certain electrical activities in the brain indicates that human beings are unable to act out of free will.

Oncology & Cancer

Online pharmacy lab finds benzene in 78 sunscreen products

Valisure LLC, an online pharmacy company that also conducts independent testing of consumer products, has issued a petition to the FDA to enact stricter rules regarding the presence of benzene in sunscreen products. In an ...

Medical research

A new rapid test detects a coronavirus infection in 10 minutes

An antigen-based detection technique developed by University of Helsinki researchers could be used to analyze as many as 500 samples per hour. In a recently completed study, the rapid test was able to diagnose a viral infection ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Light as a fairy tale: What makes a feel-good film feel good?

"Feel-good films" are usually dismissed by film critics as being sentimental and without intellectual merit. But their popularity with audiences, who seek them out precisely because of their "feel-good" qualities, tells a ...

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