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Rehearsing a speech to a virtual audience increases confidence

Giving a speech or presentation to an audience can be nerve-wracking. To practice, you can either imagine an audience or enlist a few friends or acquaintances. But these practice scenarios are far from the reality of an audience ...


Campaign has smokers listening to smoking's victims

(HealthDay)—A frank and graphic nationwide media campaign to motivate smokers to quit seems to be working, say researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Report explores health care reform and U.S. election

As part of a collaboration between Yale and the London School of Economics (LSE), Zack Cooper, assistant professor of health policy and economics at Yale, has distilled the complexities of U.S. health care reform into a report ...


AIDS experts launch 'CNN of virology' in Canada

A new digital media service will foster the global collaboration of physicians and help them to share the latest advances in AIDS and other virus research, according to its Canadian promoters.


Brain 'talks over' boring speech quotes

(Medical Xpress) -- Storytelling is a skill not everyone can master, but even the most crashing bore gets help from their audience’s brain which ‘talks over’ their monotonous quotes, according to scientists.

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