Is cycling safe? In many cases, the answer is no

Is cycling safe? If we are talking about cycling in general, which would apply to all populations—fit/less-fit men and women, children, seniors and parents with children on their bicycles—then no, cycling is not safe.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Cycle power: Bikes emerge as a post-lockdown commuter option

Halfway through his 30-minute bike ride to work, police ordered Juan Pasamar to dismount, accusing him of breaking Spain's coronavirus lockdown rules by exercising in public. The officers were not buying his explanation he ...

Overweight & Obesity

The fat city that declared war on obesity

When Velveth Monterroso arrived in the USA from her hometown in Guatemala, she weighed exactly 10 stone. But after a decade of living in Oklahoma, she was more than five stone heavier and fighting diabetes at the age of 34. ...

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