New tool for precision medicine in cardiovascular disease

Researchers at Uppsala University have developed a tool that makes it possible to measure 21 biomarkers for cardiovascular disease simultaneously with great precision by means of a simple blood test. The aim is to use this ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Simple blood test can help diagnose bipolar disorder

Researchers have developed a new way of improving diagnosis of bipolar disorder that uses a simple blood test to identify biomarkers associated with the condition.


New blood test could improve concussion diagnosis: Study

A global blood test for concussion could be a step closer after a Monash University-led study discovered specific proteins or biomarkers that can help diagnose concussions relatively quickly and accurately.


New blood marker can identify Parkinsonian diseases

In a study by researchers at Lund University the marker DOPA decarboxylase (DCC) was found to be elevated in individuals with Parkinson's disease as well as in people with other diseases that result in dopamine deficiency ...

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