New technique sheds light on memory and learning

Less than twenty minutes after finishing this article, your brain will begin to store the information that you've just read in a coordinated burst of neuronal activity. Underpinning this process is a phenomenon known as dendritic ...


Chronic musculoskeletal pain may accelerate brain aging

In a study published in Nature Mental Health, scientists from China and the United States have found that individuals suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain (CMP) may face a higher high risk of brain aging.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Scientists pinpoint anorexia's neurologic origins

Anorexia nervosa, a mental health disorder in which people dangerously restrict their eating or purge their stomachs soon after a meal, is one of the deadliest psychological diseases.

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List of regions in the human brain

Anatomical regions of the brain are listed vertically, following hierarchies that are standard in neuroanatomy. Functional, connective and developmental regions are listed horizontally in parentheses where appropriate.

Functional and connective regions defined as systems are categorized at cerebrospinal systems.

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