Neural mechanism of autonomous learning uncovered

Thanks to so-called 'deep learning," a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms inspired by the brain, machines can match human performance in perception and language recognition and even outperform humans in certain ...

Medical research

Signals from muscle protect from dementia

How do different parts of the body communicate? Scientists at St. Jude are studying how signals sent from skeletal muscle affect the brain.


How the brain makes sense of touch

EPFL researchers have identified specific neurons that help activate sensory processing in nearby nerve cells—a finding that could explain how the brain integrates signals necessary for tactile perception and learning.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Can the brain resist the group opinion?

Scientists at HSE University have learned that disagreeing with the opinion of other people leaves a 'trace' in brain activity, which allows the brain to later adjust its opinion in favor of the majority-held point of view. ...

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