Study of health in Brazil highlights major progress

Major progress has been made in reducing the burden of infectious diseases in Brazil as part of a "remarkable" success story for health in the South American country, according to researchers on a series of papers published ...

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Revisiting Zika-caused microcephaly in Colombia and Brazil

Last month when the number of Zika linked microcephaly cases in Colombia began to rise, it looked like the connection between the two afflictions had finally been confirmed. Then, in the last two weeks, cases have plateaued ...


Vaccine against black fever being tested

After more than two decades of research, scientists are testing the first vaccine against the deadliest form of a disease that infects more than 12 million people worldwide.

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Brazil confirms 907 Zika-linked microcephaly cases

Brazil has confirmed 907 cases of microcephaly and 198 babies with the birth defect who have died since the Zika virus outbreak started in October, authorities said Tuesday.

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