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'Vaccinated' mosquitos released in Rio to combat dengue

Ten thousand mosquitos immunized against dengue fever have been released in Brazil as part of an innovative attempt to curb the spread of the tropical viral sickness, biologists said Thursday.

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Brazil to launch anti-Zika app for Olympics

Brazil's health ministry said Thursday it will launch a smartphone application to track the Zika virus during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and help visitors detect the disease.


HIV infections rise, thwart Brazil's AIDS efforts

The devastating news didn't make sense to Brazilian Pierre Freitaz. How was it possible that, at age 17, he was infected with HIV if his only boyfriend seemed fit and healthy?

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Nearly 700 killed by dengue in Brazil: health officials

Health officials in Brazil said Tuesday a record 693 people have died so far this year after contracting dengue fever, the deadly mosquito-borne disease running rampant across Central and South America.

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