Novartis, Aurobindo call off Sandoz sale

Swiss pharmaceuticals giant Novartis said Thursday it had struck a mutual agreement with Aurobindo Pharma to cancel a deal to sell Sandoz to the Indian firm.

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Italy extends lockdown as toll passes 13,000

Italy on Wednesday extended its economically-crippling lockdown until April 13 to help stem coronavirus infections that have claimed 13,115 lives.

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With more infections than China, Spain tightens lockdown

Spain enforced even tighter stay-at-home rules Monday for its 47 million people, as the country overtook China as the nation with the third-highest number of reported infections in the world, after the United States and Italy.

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Trump invokes defense powers to order GM to produce ventilators

President Donald Trump issued a federal order Friday to force auto giant General Motors to manufacture ventilators, as supplies of the crucial hospital equipment grow short and coronavirus infections mount across the country.

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Virtual volunteers offer help to strangers amid virus stress

Sitting cross-legged in her living room, Donna Borak rested her palm on her heart as she guided a small group of virtual participants in meditation and deep breathing. Notice where you might be holding tension, she instructed.

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Lockdowns multiply globally as virus strains health systems

Major streets and highways were deserted in many parts of the world Saturday as curfews and lockdowns multiplied in the face of a rapidly advancing virus that is severely straining many health systems.

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Europe's south strains under pandemic; 10,000 die globally

Southern Europe buckled under the strain of the coronavirus pandemic Friday, with gasping patients filling sick wards in Spain and Italy and field hospitals going up in hotels and a convention center, as the global death ...

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Crowdsourcing app aims to fill gaps in coronavirus data

As a health tech master's student at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, David Hachuel, M.S. '19, developed an award-winning app to empower sufferers of gastrointestinal illness.

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A business (also called a firm or an enterprise) is a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers. Businesses are predominant in capitalist economies, most being privately owned and formed to earn profit that will increase the wealth of its owners and grow the business itself. The owners and operators of a business have as one of their main objectives the receipt or generation of a financial return in exchange for work and acceptance of risk. Notable exceptions include cooperative enterprises and state-owned enterprises. Socialist systems involve either government agencies, public ownership, state-ownership or direct worker ownership of enterprises and assets that would be run as businesses in a capitalist economy. The distinction between these institutions and a business is that socialist institutions often have alternative or additional goals aside from maximizing or turning a profit.

The etymology of "business" relates to the state of being busy either as an individual or society as a whole, doing commercially viable and profitable work. The term "business" has at least three usages, depending on the scope — the singular usage (above) to mean a particular company or corporation, the generalized usage to refer to a particular market sector, such as "the music business" and compound forms such as agribusiness, or the broadest meaning to include all activity by the community of suppliers of goods and services. However, the exact definition of business, like much else in the philosophy of business, is a matter of debate.

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