Oncology & Cancer

New gene markers detect Lynch syndrome-associated colorectal cancer

Researchers from Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center and Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine have discovered new genetic markers to identify Lynch syndrome-associated colorectal cancer with high accuracy. Studies ...

Oncology & Cancer

Brain cancer linked to nuclear pore alterations

Several types of cancer are believed to be linked to alterations of macromolecular structures known as nuclear pore complexes (NPCs). These structures are embedded in the nuclear envelope, a membrane barrier that separates ...


Study shows technology boosts public health programs

An examination of the SCALE-UP Counts program was recently published in the journal Pediatrics. This analysis was led by Yelena Wu, Ph.D., investigator at Huntsman Cancer Institute and associate professor in the department ...

Oncology & Cancer

Genetic breast cancer study alters guidelines in Sweden

BRCA1 and BRCA2 are well-known breast cancer genes associated with a significantly increased risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. However, there are an additional 11 genes associated with elevated risk for these ...

Oncology & Cancer

Study connects research scientists with the communities they serve

A new study by University of Arizona Cancer Center researchers piloted a unique outreach strategy to foster dialogue between basic scientists and community members to demystify basic science research and facilitate culturally ...

Oncology & Cancer

Clarifying skin cancer screening guidelines

Protecting oneself from the summer sun and its damaging ultraviolet rays is often not straightforward. And public health messaging around when and how to be screened for skin cancer has become somewhat confusing.

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