New treatment target emerging for retinal damage

Scientists at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University are looking at new treatment targets for the retinal damage that often accompanies diseases like diabetes, glaucoma and hypertension.


Synthetic biology approaches to improving immunotherapy

The AACR 2018 Meeting in Chicago is ending today and has featured the major new results in cancer treatment and immunotherapy treatments in particular. Immunotherapy, the use of the patient's own immune system to attack their ...


Cell biologists discover crucial 'traffic regulator' in neurons

Cell biologists from Utrecht University have discovered the protein that may be the crucial traffic regulator for the transport of vital molecules inside nerve cells. When this traffic regulator is removed, the flow of traffic ...

Medical research

Why some developing hearts can't tell left from right

When a developing heart can't tell left from right, it can take a team of scientists from a host of disciplines to explain why. Yale pediatricians, geneticists, cell biologists, and imaging experts have identified a surprising ...

Medical research

New microdevice replicates embryonic spinal cord development

Researchers at the University of Maine MicroInstruments and Systems Laboratory (MISL), in collaboration with The Jackson Laboratory, have developed a new microfluidic tool that reproduces in the laboratory the same physiochemical ...

Medical research

Proto-teeth migrate along the developing jaw

Smile! For the first time, researchers have captured on video how teeth find their way to the right spot in the jaw to give you that winning grin. The research, led by scientists at UC San Francisco, showed in mice that molar ...


New technique can help understand neurodegenerative diseases

Cell biologists at Utrecht University have successfully moved selected parts of a neuron to another specific location within the cell. This allows them to accurately study which role the position of a cell component performs ...

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