Medical research

Collagen a key player in breast cancer metastasis

Collagen type XII plays a key role in regulating the organization of the tumor matrix, reveals a new study from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. A team of scientists led by Associate Professor Thomas Cox, Head of ...

Oncology & Cancer

Researchers design new hydrogel for more targeted cancer treatments

University of Toronto researchers have designed a new way to grow cells in a lab that enables them to better emulate cancerous tumors. The platform—based on a type of material known as a hydrogel, a soft jelly-like substance—opens ...

Oncology & Cancer

A powerful new plant-based weapon against cancer

Cancer is caused by abnormal cell proliferation and is one of the main public health issues in the world. Recently, the research group led by Researcher Du Peng of PKU School of Life Sciences discovered that a plant immune ...

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