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Lung bacteria 'feign pregnancy' to avoid detection

Disease-causing bacteria in the lung evade the body's immune system by pretending the lungs are pregnant, according to University of Dundee research presented today at the European Respiratory Society Congress in Madrid.

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TB discovery could save tens of thousands of lives

Around one in 15 people affected by tuberculosis are likely get the treatable fungal infection aspergillosis according to new research by experts at The University of Manchester and Gulu Referral Hospital, Uganda.

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Steroids not effective for chest infections in non-asthmatic adults

Oral steroids should not be used for treating acute lower respiratory tract infection (or 'chest infections') in adults who don't have asthma or other chronic lung disease, as they do not reduce the duration or severity of ...

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Damaging immune response may be cause of COPD infections

Researchers at the University of Dundee have made an important discovery about why patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) suffer frequent chest infections, potentially paving the way for new treatments.

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Sepsis is just as urgent as a heart attack, physician warns

Health professionals should treat people who show signs of sepsis with the same urgency given to those who complain of chest pain that might be a heart attack, a Southampton doctor has warned.

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