U.S. kids still dying from toppling TVs, furniture

(HealthDay)—Before your eyes become glued to the Super Bowl or the Winter Olympics, make sure your TV and furniture are anchored to the wall to protect little ones from potentially deadly tip-overs.


Child deaths during pandemic lowest on record for England

The number of children in England who died fell to 3,067 between April 2020–March 2021. This is 356 fewer deaths than were recorded in the preceding 12 months (April 2019–March 2020), and likely represents the lowest ...


Infant mortality in Nigeria increased during COVID-19

Some attention has been focused on secondary health effects from COVID-19, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. The challenges of giving birth during this pandemic, especially in these countries, has little empirical ...

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DR Congo records Ebola case five months after last outbreak

One Ebola case has been recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo, five months after the latest epidemic of the disease in the country was declared over, the government said on Friday.

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