Six reasons to take up yoga during pregnancy

While you may need to modify your exercise routine slightly during pregnancy, physical activity is safe, and in fact recommended, when you're expecting a baby.

Medical research

Researchers reveal lipidome atlas of developing heart

The heart, an indispensable organ with fascinating development biology, is the first organ to become functional in the developing mammalian embryo. Cardiac lipid metabolism is intricately connected with heart physiology. ...


A new route to keeping women in rural communities healthy

A community health program that included exercise classes and hands-on nutrition education helped women living in rural areas lower their blood pressure, lose weight and stay healthy, according to a new study.

Psychology & Psychiatry

The early bird may just get the worm

Night owls may be looking forward to falling back into autumn standard time but a new study from the University of Ottawa has found Daylight Saving Time may also suit morning types just fine.

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