How dendritic cells activate the immune system

The specific or acquired immune system of vertebrates is a powerful weapon against pathogens and pathologically altered body cells. Here, T cells play a special role. After activation, they can systematically kill off target ...

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WHO urges E. Guinea to report all Marburg cases

The World Health Organization urged Equatorial Guinea to report all Marburg virus cases to the WHO, amid fears that transmission may be more widespread than divulged, warning communities need alerting.

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Tanzania says five dead in Marburg virus outbreak

A mysterious disease that killed five people in Tanzania has been identified as Marburg hemorrhagic fever, a cousin of Ebola, the health ministry said on Tuesday.

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WHO to hold emergency meeting on E.Guinea Marburg outbreak

The UN health agency said it would hold an emergency meeting Tuesday after at least nine people in Equatorial Guinea died from Marburg haemorrhagic fever, a cousin of the Ebola virus.

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