Cluster analysis may identify abusive head trauma in children

(HealthDay)—Cluster analysis applied to data from children hospitalized with acute neurologic injury supports the current paradigm that physicians use to diagnose abusive head trauma, according to a study published online ...


Researchers uncover new findings about cluster headaches

Debilitating cluster headaches commonly begin in childhood, but patients are not typically diagnosed until they are adults, according to research from The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.


Mayo Clinic Minute: 'Tis the season for cluster headaches

A cluster headache is a rare headache disorder that differs from a typical migraine or headache. Less than 1% of the population have cluster headaches, but for those people, it's an intense experience because the headaches ...

Oncology & Cancer

Surface protein helps tumor cells form clusters

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) with stem cell features use the adhesive protein ICAM1 to facilitate formation of CTC clusters, which can travel from primary tumors to other organs in the body, according to a Northwestern ...

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A cluster is a small group or bunch of something.

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