Signs and symptoms of asthma

Asthma is a global issue. It's estimated that more than 334 million people around the world have asthma. It's a chronic disease that makes it hard to breathe. Asthma often starts in chil dhood, but can develop in people of ...


Q and A: Exercise safety in cold weather

I work out at least three days per week at the gym, but I also like to exercise and run outside. Although I know better than to be outdoors in a winter storm, do you have any tips for exercising safely outdoors in cold weather?


Shoveling snow not without hazards, health risks

As winter's peak approaches, we can expect snowfall to tick up around Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Miami Valley region. It can come in waves and often in large amounts.


Is the extreme cold bad for your lungs?

The winter storm blowing across much of the country is holding up holiday travel plans as the snow falls and temperatures drop into the below zero digits. The National Weather Service says many parts of the the U.S are affected ...


Staying hydrated in the cold

As temperatures dip, the most obvious signs of dehydration often disappear. An expert with Baylor College of Medicine helps understand the importance of staying hydrated in cold weather and how to identify when it's time ...


A user's guide to keeping your lungs healthy and functional

Take a deep breath in. Now, slowly, let it out. This simple activity is something we do all day long and seldom think about. But our lives depend on it. Every cell in the body needs oxygen, which is in the air we breathe.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Researchers explain our perception of polysemous words

Researchers from the HSE School of Linguistics and the Centre for Language and Brain carried out an experiment to find out how language speakers perceive the different meanings, or senses, of polysemous words. They found ...

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