A user's guide to keeping your lungs healthy and functional

Take a deep breath in. Now, slowly, let it out. This simple activity is something we do all day long and seldom think about. But our lives depend on it. Every cell in the body needs oxygen, which is in the air we breathe.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Researchers explain our perception of polysemous words

Researchers from the HSE School of Linguistics and the Centre for Language and Brain carried out an experiment to find out how language speakers perceive the different meanings, or senses, of polysemous words. They found ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Droplets with coronaviruses last longer than previously thought

It is easier to get infected in winter than in summer—this is true for the Corona pandemic, for influenza and for other viral diseases. Relative humidity plays an important role in this. Outdoors, it is much higher outside ...


Four tips on how to layer up to keep cold weather at bay

Whether you're waiting at the bus stop or going for a run, dressing for the conditions and level of outdoor activity is key to staying safe and warm in bitter temperatures, say University of Alberta experts.


Cryotherapy versus ice baths—it's a draw

The first study to compare the effect of cold water immersion versus extreme cold air has found very little difference between the two treatments on athletes' muscle recovery.


Tips to embrace the outdoors and enjoy running in cold weather

The downside of resolving to exercise more is that just about everyone else is doing the same thing. So if you're in a cold climate, that means battling all those fickle New Year's resolution-makers for a coveted spot on ...


Tips for safe winter workouts

(HealthDay)—If you exercise outdoors during the winter, be sure to do so safely, an expert says.

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