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Pandemic 'far from finished': WHO

The COVID-19 crisis is far from over, the World Health Organization's emergency committee said Tuesday as it called for research into next-generation vaccines for long-term control of the pandemic.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why do we remember stressful experiences better?

Stressful experiences are usually remembered more easily than neutral experiences. Researchers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) have analyzed the reasons why this is the case. They put people in stressful situations during ...

Medical research

Covid vaccines a shoo-in? Medicine opens Nobel season

The Nobel season opens on Monday with the pioneers of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and immune system research tipped for the medicine prize, which kicks off a week of awards against the backdrop of the pandemic.


Olympics provide untapped chance to improve health for all

Given the increased interest in sports and exercise around the Olympics underway in Tokyo, events such as the Summer Games represent an unrealized opportunity to improve global health, finds a new Lancet study from the Brown ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Japan's Olympic security balancing act leaves few satisfied

Struggling businesses forced to temporarily shut down around Olympics venues. Olympic visitors ordered to install invasive apps and allow GPS tracking. Minders staking out hotels to keep participants from coming into contact ...

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