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Does COVID really affect your heart?

Reading a recent article with the headline Setting the Record straight: there is no "COVID heart" teleported me back to 2020. It wasn't a comfortable trip.

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Early MR scans found more people with broken-heart syndrome

In almost 10% of myocardial infarctions, no obvious cause in the coronary artery can be found. Some of the patients are diagnosed with broken-heart syndrome, while others are left without a diagnosis. A new study from Karolinska ...


Novel biomarker for glucocorticoids could help tailor treatments

Researchers have uncovered pathways involved in the body's response to glucocorticoid treatments and identified a novel biomarker that could be used to monitor how these drugs work in patients, according to a clinical study ...


What to know about the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccination

You've gone through the appointment rigmarole to get signed up for a COVID vaccine, got your first shot, waited the required three to four week period for your second. But when that booster dose comes, be warned that you ...

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