Palliative care principles can ease COVID-19 challenges

Yale School of Nursing faculty members Dena Schulman-Green, Ph.D. (left) and Shelli Feder, Ph.D., APRN, NP-BC, ACHPN (center) recently partnered with Kathleen M. Akgün, MD, MS (right) from Yale School of Medicine to publish ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Infants prefer individuals who achieve their goals efficiently

From birth, we acquire information and learn through interacting with others; that is why it is so important to be able to identify the most suitable individuals to interact with. To interact with others, it is important ...


Advisory calls for bridging inequities in rural health

People who live in rural America are vulnerable to heart disease. Breaking down health care barriers for these residents is an inequity problem that needs innovative approaches, according to a new advisory from the American ...


U.S. primary care doctors face challenges in coordinating care

Physicians from the United States and other high-income countries report difficulties with care coordination, with a substantial proportion of U.S. physicians not receiving timely notification or the information needed from ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Rhythmic perception in humans has strong evolutionary roots

Rhythm is a fundamental aspect of music, dance and language. However, we do not know to what extent our rhythmic skills depend on ancient evolutionary mechanisms that may be present in other animals.

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