Oncology & Cancer

New report presents a global plan to combat prostate cancer

Annual prostate cancer cases worldwide are projected to double by the year 2040, and annual deaths are projected to increase by 85% to almost 700,000 over the same timeframe—mainly among men in low- and middle-income countries. ...

Oncology & Cancer

Q&A: When it comes to alcohol, less is more, says researcher

Drinking alcohol—even in moderation—can take a serious toll on the body. According to the National Cancer Institute, there is a strong scientific consensus that drinking alcohol increases the risk for several types of ...

Oncology & Cancer

An updated look at prostate cancer disparities

Cedars-Sinai Cancer investigators have found that Black men respond as well as white men to systemic therapies for advanced prostate cancer when access to quality health care is equal, regardless of socioeconomic status. ...

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