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Classical symphonies may lead to synchronized physical responses

Movement and some physical responses—including heart rate, breathing rate, and the electrical conductivity of skin (suggesting excitement)—may synchronize between audience members at classical concerts, suggests a study ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Baby opera: Study finds babies get a kick out of live music

When infants watch a live performance of a baby opera, their heart rates synchronized and they were significantly more engaged than babies who watched a recording of the same show—even though the recording was identical ...


Want to fire up the dance floor? Play low-frequency bass

To find out how different aspects of music influence the body, researchers turned a live electronic music concert into a lab study. By introducing levels of bass over speakers that were too low to hear and monitoring the ...

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France lifts Covid restrictions as case numbers ease

France on Wednesday loosened several of the restrictions imposed to curb the latest COVID-19 surge, with authorities hoping a recent decline in daily cases will soon ease pressure on overburdened hospitals.

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Belgium to tighten COVID rules to counter rise of omicron

Belgium will further tighten coronavirus restrictions because of the surging omicron variant, authorities announced Wednesday, but the country shied away from a full lockdown like in the neighboring Netherlands.

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Omicron now dominant strain in Denmark: minister

The highly transmissible Omicron variant is now dominant in Denmark, which on Tuesday set a new record for daily COVID-19 infections, the health minister said.

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