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Singapore to ease curbs as virus cases fall

Singapore will begin slowly easing a month-long partial lockdown from next week after the curbs succeeded in stemming a coronavirus outbreak, authorities said Thursday.


The expected COVID baby boom may be a baby bust

When most of the U.S. went into lockdown over a year ago, some speculated that confining couples to their homes—with little to entertain them beyond Netflix—would lead to a lot of baby-making. But the statistics suggest ...

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New COVID restrictions in Thailand as cases rise

New COVID restrictions came into force in Thailand on Monday to try to halt a spiralling outbreak that saw deaths hit a record single-day high over the weekend.

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Study probes COVID among vaccinated at US nursing home

An unvaccinated worker infected with a COVID variant sparked an outbreak at a US nursing home where nearly all the residents had been inoculated, said a study out on Wednesday.

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WHO report says 'very low' chance of frozen food COVID-19 origin

The chances that COVID-19 emerged in Wuhan because of imported frozen food are "very low", international health experts said Monday, casting doubt on one of the main theories China has embraced for the cause of the first ...

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