Psychology & Psychiatry

How creativity is possible through response inhibition

Recognizing and controlling our emotions is crucial to enhance our creativity. Researchers around Dr. Radwa Khalil, a Neuroscience Researcher at Constructor University in Bremen, recently found out how our response inhibition ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Research reveals burnout in midwives

La Trobe University researchers surveyed 1,016 midwives and 38 managers—representing 20% of the state's midwifery workforce and more than 50% of managers across the state.

Autism spectrum disorders

How do we make workplaces work for autistic people?

The unemployment rate in Australia for autistic people is 34.1%, according to the most recent data. This is more than three times the rate for people with disability (10.3%) and almost eight times the rate of people without ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Can highly superior autobiographic memory enhance creativity?

Researchers from universities in Italy and the U.S. studied the relationship between memory and creativity to assess whether those who remember the smallest details of their lives (highly superior autobiographical memory) ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Air quality impacts early brain development

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, have found a link between traffic-related air pollution and an increased risk for changes in brain development relevant to neurodevelopmental disorders. Their study, based ...

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