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Do masks help boost COVID immunity?

Could the mask—already seen by many scientists as the most effective shield against COVID-19—have yet another benefit? Some researchers now believe that they expose wearers to smaller, less harmful doses of the disease ...

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Could your mask be a kind of vaccine against COVID-19?

(HealthDay)—The world is still waiting for a safe, effective coronavirus vaccine. But new research now suggests that billions of people may already be using a crude vaccine of sorts: face masks.

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One more reason to wear a mask: You'll get less sick from COVID-19

As states increasingly promote face masks as a way to control the spread of COVID-19, the top-line message has been: Wear a mask to protect others. While it's true that most face masks are more effective in preventing you ...

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Another cruise ship in Norway stalled over virus case

A cruise ship carrying more than 200 people docked in a Norwegian harbor Wednesday and ordered to keep everyone on board after a passenger from a previous trip tested positive for the coronavirus upon returning home to Denmark.

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New method performs coronavirus test 10 times faster

Currently, it takes more than two hours to perform and evaluate a test for SARS-CoV-2—meaning that a laboratory can test only a very limited number of people per day. In a study with several cooperation partners, cell biologists ...

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Bali island begins to reopen after 3-month virus lockdown

Indonesia's resort island of Bali partially reopened after a three-month virus lockdown Thursday, allowing local people and stranded foreign tourists to resume public activities before overseas arrivals resume in September.

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Canada bans cruise ship visits until October

The Canadian government on Friday extended by three months a ban on cruise ships entering Canadian waters because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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