Autism spectrum disorders

Discussing autism diagnosis with kids

With better awareness and acceptance, approximately one out of every 50 children is receiving an autism diagnosis. More and more families are deciding when to share this information with their child. Some parents worry that ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

How the pandemic may have altered your personality

From rethinking workspaces to how we socialize with one another, there hasn't been a part of our lives unaffected by the pandemic. A new study shows the effects of the pandemic could even have altered our personality.

Attention deficit disorders

Study finds white children more likely to be overdiagnosed for ADHD

A new study led by Paul Morgan, Harry and Marion Eberly Faculty Fellow and professor of education (educational theory and policy) and demography, and published in the Journal of Learning Disabilities, examines which sociodemographic ...

Gerontology & Geriatrics

Drawing a better picture of global cognition in older adults

Cognitive impairments, like those that eventually lead to Alzheimer's disease, have large social and economic impacts and often decrease people's quality of life. They're also relatively underdiagnosed, partly because their ...

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