Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

New algorithm could provide early warning for asthma attacks

A University of Texas at Dallas researcher and his international colleagues have developed an algorithm that might one day provide early medical alerts about the onset of asthma attacks or other respiratory problems.

Radiology & Imaging

Creating filters for the medical images of the future

A suite of filters that can be applied to medical images to help health care professionals with analysis and diagnosis has been developed by an international team of researchers.

Gerontology & Geriatrics

Q&A: Researcher discusses genetics and biomarkers of frailty thesis

Frailty is an age-related state of physiological decline and is a strong predictor of disability and mortality. Researchers are trying to improve our understanding of the biology of frailty and to find ways of identifying ...

Oncology & Cancer

The potential of AI to improve cancer care is only going to grow

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made a grand entrance into the public debate this year, but researchers have long been investigating its potential to transform cancer care and improve patient outcomes. Dedicated sessions ...

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