Oncology & Cancer

Special offers fuel obese shoppers

Shoppers whose supermarket trolleys are stacked with food and drink offered on special promotions have more than a 50 percent increased chance of being obese, according to a Cancer Research UK report published today.


Diabetics stock up on insulin over Brexit fears

Diabetics and insulin providers in Britain are stockpiling the precious medicine to avoid potential shortages in case Britain leaves the European Union without a deal in just over month's time.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Romance: Deal makers and breakers

(HealthDay)—A global study about what men and women want in a mate seems to confirm—to a point—long-established stereotypes.

Medical economics

GSK, Pfizer to merge consumer healthcare units

Pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer on Wednesday announced a merger of their consumer healthcare units that produce over-the-counter medicines.

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