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China's low COVID death toll prompts questions

Two years into the pandemic, China's resurgent COVID-19 outbreak has revived questions about how the country counts deaths from the virus, with persistently low fatalities despite rising cases.

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India slams WHO over report claiming 4 million COVID deaths

India has sharply criticised a forthcoming World Health Organization study which reportedly claims coronavirus killed four million people nationally, the latest analysis suggesting a significant undercount of the pandemic's ...

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Vaccines halved Italy's COVID-19 death toll: report

Italy's COVID vaccine campaign prevented some 150,000 deaths, slashing the country's death toll by almost half, the national health institute (ISS) said Wednesday.

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China reports first COVID-19 deaths in more than a year

China's health authorities reported two COVID-19 deaths on Saturday, the first since January 2021, as the country battles its worst outbreak in two years driven by a surge in the highly transmissible omicron variant.

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Sweden right not to lockdown for COVID: report

Sweden made the right decision not to impose a lockdown early on in the COVID pandemic, but should have introduced more measures earlier, a government-appointed commission said on Friday.

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Data suggests pandemic fatalities much higher than estimated

When a COVID-19 wave hit India over the winter and spring of 2021, hospitals were filled beyond capacity, oxygen was nearly impossible to obtain, and community networks for tending to the dead were overwhelmed. Government ...

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List of wars and disasters by death toll

This is a list of wars and human-made disasters by death toll. It covers the Lowest Estimate of death as well as the Highest Estimate, the name of the event, the location, and the start and end of each war. Some events overlap categories.

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